Dilemma of Life (A Poem)

Dilemma of Life

Life’s most obstinate and crucial question is what are you doing for other people living around you?  Here we have a Poem about the Dilemma of Life.

Well said by Martin Luther king. That It is an obvious fact that life is not a bed of roses rather it is a bed of thorns.  

Man is the crown of the universe and he is blessed with power of wisdom and reason. As a human being, we have to face diverse challenges in all the walks of life.

If a student does not work day in and day out, then success in the life will be nothing but merely a dream. If a man aspires to be as successful and earn money as Bill Gates or any other he idealizes, He must be ready to bust his buns for earning bucks.

In the past, there are a plethora of instances which depict that life is replete with challenges and those who were men of iron will;  they made history.

The Glorious Personalities

Many people with glorious personalities like: The Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Ali (a.s),  Abul Sattar Edhi who was the true The Face of Humanity, Steve Jobs who had an exceptional approach, Mother Teresa etc.  

These are the ones who really proved that, Life is a Dilemma and Life is a challenge, meet it. Our sanctimonious book, “The Holy Quran”, imparts us the lesson of a purposeful life.

Man has been created for a specific objective in the universe. To put the matter concisely, in order to gain a vital niche in life, one should lead a meaningful life.

Life is not a piece of cake. One must endure in his mind that “In place of saying why me? He should say try me”.  Here I would like to share my contemplative short poem on “Dilemma of Life”

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The Poem

A nerve -shattering exercise

Sometimes seems to be a prize,

Sometimes appears to be a surprize,

For a person ,who gets it back,

After a sneak attack…

We are mere clowns here,

With multiple roles,

With cherishing goals,

We cannot gain,

Without toil and pain

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