12 Everyday Items That Were Discovered Accidentally

12 Everyday Items That Were Discovered Accidentally

We use a lot of items in our daily life that we never have thought of how all these items were discovered and became a part of our lives. This article is about 12 Everyday Items That Were Discovered Accidentally.

 If we ask people about invention of the daily used items, their answer would be most probable that “all these items are discovered by scientists in intricately designed laboratories”.

Of course this  answer is right because most of the items are invented in the laboratories but using the word “all of items” is wrong.

Because there are a lot of items that we see, eat and use every day were discovered without any intention.  

Find it weird, keep reading to find out how 12 Everyday Items Were Discovered Accidentally.

We all know about the discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming which was an accident but we don’t know about many other things that we use were also discovered accidentally.

Here are 12 everyday items that no one have ever guessed were discovered accidentally.

We use a number of stuffs everyday but most of us are not aware that how these things were discovered.

There are some day to day use items that were produced as a result of an accident. Who knew that accidentally discovered things could be that much famous and utilitarian.

Let’s start the list of 12 everyday Items That were discovered accidentally.

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1. Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies is a delightful snack which is completely integrated in the life style of millions of people worldwide in way that they can’t spend even a single day without eating it.

But no one has imagined that such a delightful snack could  have been discovered accidently.

A women named Ruth Wakefield discovered these cookies accidently. Ruth was a chief and a food lecturer.

Once, she ran out of chocolate while baking cookies so she used Nestle semi-sweet chocolate.

She was not expecting much but the cookies become more delicious than ordinary cookies. She named them “The Troll House Crunch Cookies”

2. Microwave oven

Microwave oven is an important kitchen gadget that is almost available in every house and used in cooking delicious meals.

But did you know that such a thing would be discovered accidently? An American Engineer named PERCY Spenser is credited for the discovery of modern microwave oven.

He discovered it from radar technology that was used in World War II but these were large in size.

Later Sharp Corporation introduced first microwave oven that could be used in kitchens.

3. Corn flakes

John Harvey was a physician who was trying to discover a kind of food to improve his patient’s diet.

One night without any intention he left build pot of wheat, which until morning became hardened when he rolled out the tempered dough.

The wheat turned into thin flakes instead of loaves. He served it to his patients and the patients liked it.

4. Popsicles

Popsicles is a favorite snack of every child in summer and you would be surprised to know that the popsicles was also discovered by an 11 year old child.

His name was Frank Epperson and he was from San Francisco. He made a Fruit flavored soda drink and left it in hallway with a stick in the cup.

İt was cold Night so in morning he found that the drink is frozen around the stick. He served it to his friends after few years.

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5. Super glue

Dr. Harry Cover was trying to make a plastic gun sight to put on guns. But his formulation didn’t work for gun sight well but worked great as quick bonding adhesive. 9 years later he rediscovered it and found it useful.

6. Chewing gum

Now a days every person uses chewing gum for his own purpose. Some people use it as mouth fresher and some to remove frustration.

If it was not John B. Curtis we would be unaware of chewing gum. He made it from the sap of spruce trees.

7. Potato Chips

In a restaurant in New York in 1853 a customer constantly complained of the fried potatoes to be too thick.

The chief named George Crum got fed up from this and he fried very thin sliced potatoes and sprinkled salt on them. This became the most favorite snack.

8. Sticky Notes

A scientist Spencer Silver in 1968, He was  trying to make a super strong Adhesive.  

Resultantly he ended up making a super weak one. One of his colleague who used to attend  his seminar struck upon the idea of using that weak  adhesive for sticking book marks which later developed into sticky notes.

9. Coca Cola

The most favourite beverage of almost everyone today Coca Cola was first made by a pharmacist John Pemberton.

His intention was to make a medicine which was to be  used to treat upset stomach, fatigue, and headache.  

It had Cocaine in it till 1923 which gave rise to the the term Coke it was later removed from the formula of Coca Cola.

10. Ink-Jet Printer

a hot iron  was accidentally placed  on a pen by a cannon engineer just a few moments later ink ejected from the pen and  this became the foundation  for ink jet  printer.

11. Artificial Sweetener

A chemist Constantin Fahlberg after working for a long time with coal tar came home to have dinner without washing his hands he noticed everything to have a sweet taste later he came to the conclusion that the sweet taste was due to saccharin.

12. Pace Maker

The last thing on our list of 12 everyday items that were discovered accidentally, is a pace maker.

Rune Elmqvist was an assistant professor in electrical engineering he was finding a resistor in a box of all the electrical components.

He was trying to build a device to record the heart rhythm The resistor he selected was of the wrong size, and when he installed it, the circuit that was produced generated electrical pulses. 

He compared the rhythm and timing of the pulses with the beat of a human heart, after which, he soon began experiments to shrink the equipment and shield it from body fluids.

That is how the world’s first practically implantable pacemaker was formed.

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