How muscles of the face are trained: this is how Facial Yoga makes you look younger

The desire not to get old and to show a young face for as long as possible is one of the wishes of people around the world. Every day advertising bombards us with advertisements for facial creams that promise to keep us young and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, each with an ingredient that makes it special: retinol, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C …

The face creams on the market are safe, although they often exaggerate the results they promise (in this regard, you can see this conference by José Manuel López Nicolás within the “Skeptics in the pub” cycle ). But, what if there was something within everyone’s reach and at zero cost that worked the same or better than creams? Facial exercises or facial Yoga can be as effective as creams when it comes to making us look younger, according to the latest studies . Learn more about face yoga 

Wrinkles and the loss of firmness in the skin are two of the things that inevitably occur and that worry us the most over the years. The fall of the cheeks and the appearance of what are known as crow’s feet and expression lines make their appearance on our faces as time goes by.

Facial Yoga is useful to look younger

The latest study published in JAMA Dermatology ensures that through the facial exercises that we can carry out in our own home , now known with a much more commercial name as “Facial Yoga” are more effective than creams and that they can make us see approximately three years younger .

These facial exercises have been known for a long time, perhaps the most famous program being Happy Face Yoga , created by Gary Sikorski: a program of 32 exercises to work the muscles of the face and neck that helps us take years off our face. The exercises are simple and are aimed at sculpting and raising the cheeks and raising the eyebrows, among others.

The Northwestern University study found that after eight weeks of daily facial exercises, the women’s cheek shape had improved and they looked about three years younger

Through the aforementioned exercises , the muscles of the face and neck are worked as if it were any other muscle group , thus improving the tonicity of the muscles of the face, avoiding the dreaded wrinkles and making us look younger.

But are these exercises effective? The Northwestern University conducted a small pilot study with a limited number of women between 45 and 60 years to the task of performing facial exercises daily for a period of 30 minutes over eight weeks was entrusted. Photographs were taken of the women at the beginning and at the end of the study, and it was concluded that the shape of the participants’ cheeks had clearly improved (not so much other areas of the face and neck) and an age younger than that of the from the start of the study.

Facial exercises to rejuvenate

The complete exercise program with which the study was carried out includes 32 different exercises for the face and neck. Each of them should be carried out for about a minute and basically consist of strength exercises with the muscles of the face .

Just as we use bars, discs and dumbbells to exercise our body, in the case of the face and neck we will need to exert a resistance that helps us to work, and we can achieve it using only our fingers and our hands .

Thus, they propose exercises to work on the shape of our cheeks : by placing our fingers on them and slightly pushing them downwards, we can use force with the muscles located in that area to bring them up again.

Other exercises, such as the one proposed to raise the eyebrow area , also add isometric work: we place three fingers of our hands under the eyebrows and push them up. From that position, we tried to frown a few times. After this, with our eyes closed, we look up at the ceiling, staying like that for 20 seconds.

These are just some of the facial exercises that we can carry out. They are simple , they are at zero cost (apart from the time it takes to do it) and now we have scientific evidence that assures us that they work. Compared to the anti-aging creams that we find on the market (some of them very expensive, especially those in the luxury sector, and sometimes without scientific evidence behind) they seem a good alternative if we want to maintain our youthful appearance.

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