How to Get Adsense Account Approval Fast-2020

How to Get Adsense Approval Fast

Earning money online is one in every of the foremost searched keywords ever. Everyone wants to get some extra cash in hand. the web is stuffed with options. Keep reading this guide on how to get adsense approval fast.

Google AdSense is one in every of the perfect and the foremost reliable. Here is how to get adsense approval fast, All you’ve got to try to do is that the proper research, produce quality content, and make an AdSense account. 

We have made a full guide about How to Get Adsense Approval Fast that everybody must undergo if he or she is looking to earn money online. From signing up to receiving payments, we’ve got covered every possible topic associated with Google AdSense for your ease.

What is Adsense?

Google AdSense is a free method for you to monetize the traffic you get on your website by showing ads on your website along with the regular content. When the people who visit your website see those ads or click them you’ll automatically earn money.

What are the different types of AdSense accounts?

Google Adsense offers two types of accounts that are named as business and individual.

They have no difference in payment or service, The only difference is that the payments are sent out to your company if you have a business account and if you have individual account payments are sent to your name.

Remember that you cannot change your account type after your account is created. If you want to change the account type for some reason you must make a new account.

Google’s policies to enable AdSense 

Google has some policies that every publisher should follow in order to display Adsense ads and earn money.

  • Don’t click on your own ads
  • Don’t ask anyone else to click your ads either
  • Ads Location should have distance from interactive elements and should not blend with the content on-site content to mislead the user.
  • Your site should not display ads from other ad networks along with AdSense.
  • Restricted content e.g adult/mature, copyrighted, or violent content should not be present on your site.
  • Content that you post on your website should be original and your own.
  • It is disallowed to tamper in any part of the code i.e. changing the behavior, targeting, delivery, or layout of ads.
  • Publishers shouldn’t change the home pages via pop-ups and not tempt the user to install any software on their systems.
  • Publishers are not allowed to use logos, trademarks, and web pages of Google without permission.
  • Google can disable ads on your site or account.

Eligibility criteria to participate in AdSense

  • Firstly, You Should be atleast 18 years to apply for AdSense
  • Secondly, you should follow all the policies set by Google to use AdSense. In case of failure, Google can disable serving ads on your site or disable your account.
  • If your account does get disabled you are then ineligible to participate in AdSense program any further.
  • In some places it is required that your site needs to be active for at least six months before consideration.
  • You should be the owner of website clear technical terms and you should have access to the HTML code of that website

How to register for AdSense account?

Making a Google AdSense account is very easy and simple.

You just have to simply follow these steps.

  • Go to
  • On the main page click on Get Started button
  • Then enter your website’s URL and your email and select wether you want to recieve customized suggestions or not.
  • Fill in your contact information and country.

Now You have an AdSense account.

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How to get AdSense account approved?

Approving an AdSense account gets a little tricky especially for the users in Pakistan. Follow these steps on how to get adsense approval fast.

You need not to worry, if you follow the above mentioned guidelines before applying for approval then you can get fast approval.

Try following these tips before you applying for AdSense. Following them can increase your chance to get approval.

  • Purchase a TLD Domain for your blog.
  • Add pages such as contact and legal pages like privacy policy on your blog.
  • Write 20-25 unique and top-quality posts
  • Use English as the main language for your website
  • Choose neat and responsive theme with a fast loading speed and easy navigation.
  • Design unique logo, favicon and other animations for your website
  • Be sure that there are no ads placed on your website while you apply for AdSense.
  • Create unique content without violating copyrights policies
  • link social pages on your website to increases reliability.

Using these tips, you have more chances of approval therefore opening avenues of earning online.

How to receive payment from AdSense?

The most easy and commonly used way of receiving payments from AdSense is through a wire transfer. It is the best way of getting your money.

You can recieve the payment through the following methods:

  • Checks
  • Wire transfer (available in Pakistan)
  • Western Union (available in Pakistan)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Ways to earn Money with Adsense

Now when you know alot about AdSense, then next comes the ways or ideas that can come in handy to earn some bucks after you have got your adsense account.

YouTube Channel

The first method you can use to earn through AdSense is YouTube, You can make a YouTube channel and start uploading your Original content on it. Once it reaches the minimum of 4000 hours watch time and have at least 1000 subscribers you can start earning by monetizing.


The next way to earn through AdSense is by Blogging, to start with blogging you have to make your own website you can do it in two ways first is to use it is a service from Google that gives you a subdomain for free for example;

And it is not a TLD Domain you can also connect a TLD Domain with blogger. But if you want to start blogging and earn money through it then it is highly advisable to get a Hosting and Domain and start your Website with WordPress.

WordPress is a tool that powers most of the websites on the internet, it has a large number of plugins and customization options. to make WordPress site you need to have some designing and technical skills.

If you don’t know how to make a website then you can get a Professional and Elegant Website Designed at Cheap Rates Here

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