How to Get Rid of Heart Burn; Six Foods for Treatment

Heartburn is something that can cause serious damage to your stomach. It can cause irreversible damage which will eventually turn in stomach ulcers. This article is all about; How to get Rid of Heart Burn.

This is why you should focus on your health and consume foods that are good for your health and can prevent serious issues like GERD and acid reflux.

If you are constantly having acid reflux attacks then chances are that you are suffering from chronic heartburn and need a proper lifestyle change. 

There are several reasons why a person suffers from chronic heartburn.

It can be due to your eating habits, improper sleep, no physical activities, or obesity. These are some of the most common reasons why a person suffers from acid reflux that is chronic in nature.

If you are not suffering from heartburn then it’s never too late to prevent it. Doing regular detox can help to reduce the chances of acid reflux. You can follow the lemonade diet to detox your body and to suppress stomach acid. 

Apart from having a healthy diet, you will have to work on your fitness as well. If you are overweight then it can really affect your digestive health. Inflammation is another cause that can trigger chronic heartburn.

If you are thinking about; How to Get Rid of Heart Burn, Here we will discuss some of the popular foods that will help to prevent acid re-flux in the first place and if you are already suffering from it then consuming these healthy foods will help to prevent any further damage. 


Berries are rich in antioxidants that can help to reduce the inflammation of our bodies. They are rich in tons of healthy nutrients that are vital for our bodies and can have a huge impact on our digestive health.

Blueberries are known to suppress stomach acid so that it doesn’t sneak up into the esophagus.

Consuming berries on a regular basis can boost your digestive health and if you suffer from any issue that is related with your stomach will be fixed by it.  


Another fruit that can help to reduce the inflammation and suppress stomach acid. If you are consuming fruits that are rich in these vitamins then you are doing yourself a huge favor.

There are several citrus fruits that you can add to your daily diet. Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. All of them are rich in antioxidants and they contain anti-inflammatory properties.

As I said before that inflammation can trigger acid reflux, this is why if you can control your inflammation then you will be saved from tons of health issues. 


You can make different types of green teas by boiling up healthy herbs. There are certain herbs that can reduce the inflammation of your body and once you start drinking green tea in your daily routine.

Especially in the morning then it will allow your body to flush out all the harmful toxins. It will also help to maintain your weight and burn any additional fat. 

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There are different bone broths that you can add to your diet. Beef bone broth, Chicken bone broth, or fish broth. 

All of these foods come to your personal preference and choice. Bone broth consists of amino acids that can fix up your digestive health. 

So if you are suffering from chronic heartburn then consuming bone broth will help a lot. 


Veggies can keep you full and prevent overeating. In some cases, when people overeat then it can also trigger reflux. 

Especially if you are eating late at night. Then it is not good for your health and fitness. This is why you should try to avoid eating late at night. 

When it comes to vegetables then they do help to reduce the inflammation of your stomach. Eating a few bowls of salad every day can really help to improve your digestive health. 


Nuts are also rich in healthy fats and nutrients that can help to stop you from overeating. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews work great as healthy snacks. 

Consuming these nuts will allow you to control your appetite and you won’t get overweight by consuming such foods. 

Nuts can help to reduce inflammation as well. So, do add a bunch of nuts in your bag if you ever crave something unhealthy then you can consume a healthy alternative. 

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Apart from having a good diet, you have to make sure that you are physically fit and not overweight. If you are obese and not fit then prevent acid reflux can be a difficult thing to do.

This is why it’s important to maintain both your physical health and eating habits. Try to avoid foods that contain processed ingredients, salt, spice, and oily things.

These are some of the edible things that can increase the chances of acid reflux. So, it’s better to avoid such things. 

These were some of the super-foods that can prevent chronic heartburn or reduce the chances of it. Now we hope that this article has answered your question on How to Get Rid of Heart Burn.

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