Beginners Health tips: How to inhale a vape?

How to inhale a vape

Today’s article is about How to inhale a vape, there are alot of people who want to quit smokoing. So conitinue reading to know more about how vaping could be helpful to stop smoking.

Many vapers are people who are trying to quit smoking analog cigarettes. And it is quite common that with the change they experience effects such as irritation of the throat.

However, the reason for these discomforts comes from improper use of the e liquid cigarette.

To vape you must inhale in a different way; in fact, we shouldn’t even say inhale, but rather suck. This term is closer to reality than the first

The Shed should be long and slow

An analog cigarette is designed for the smoker to inhale the tobacco and take it to their lungs to absorb nicotine. This inhalation can be very short, even 1 or 2 seconds.

However, an electronic cigarette is not intended to be inhaled for such a short time. A puff of an electronic cigarette should last between 4 and 8 seconds so that the user can receive the nicotine, if the E-liquid uk contains it.

On the other hand, the reason that the puff must be so long takes into account the operation of the e-cigarette.

The heater needs air to pass through it for several seconds for it to work properly.

If the user does not take a long drag, they may instead swallow a few drops of e-liquid instead of inhaling steam.

In the mouth, yes, in the lungs, not necessarily

On the other hand, the electronic cigarette is more like a cigar than an analog cigarette. We said above that, with the traditional cigarette, the smoker brings the smoke to his lungs.

However, when puffing on an e-cigarette the vapor must be held in the mouth to enjoy the taste of the e-liquid and absorb nicotine, in case the e-liquid contains it. The vaper can inhale the steam if he wishes, but it is not essential.

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What should we vape?

Tobacco flavors :  in general we advise beginners to choose a tobacco flavor e-liquid . Indeed, a smoker who goes to the vape must already get used to his new equipment.

Nobody can tell you which is the best tobacco flavor, the choice is made according to your desires and your habits. Above all, do not expect to find the flavors of your favorite brands of cigarettes, it does not exist.

The goal is to find an Voro Vape that will not make you sick, even after regular use.

The fruity flavors : 

The e-liquid fruit are very nice as they allow a pleasant change as there are flavors.

Fancy strawberry, lemon, a mixture of pineapple and peach, fill your clearomiser and vape.

The gourmet flavors: 

The e-liquids gourmands are fairly recent, that are original flavors reminiscent cakes or sweets you enjoy every day.

Generally thicker, these e-liquids contain many flavors to offer a rendering as close as possible to what it is supposed to represent.

Mint flavors: 

The bestseller is icy mint. These are very popular flavors because they provide a very pleasant feeling of freshness and recall the taste of menthol cigarettes.

Quite surprisingly, many former smokers, even if they did not smoke menthol cigarettes, begin to vape with mint flavors.

Do not hesitate to test the mint e-liquids because tastes in terms of vape may differ from our smoking habits.

Beverage flavors:

Beverage  premium e-liquid for sale include flavors such as cola, coffee, pina colada cocktail, mojito, etc. They are often combined with other flavors (tobacco, fruit, etc.).

Each flavor is available in different dosages of nicotine so that you can indulge yourself as you wish.

Should I start Vaping?

This is the decision that should be taken by an individual. Electronic cigarettes have been in our society for only ten years, so we have not yet been able to see what effects they have on our long-term health.

But that does not mean it is harmless to health. We simply have to wait to see what it causes in our body.

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