Step-by-step plan for healthy skin

Do you want to make optimal use of the high active substances contained in Dermalogica’s products? Getting the most out of your skincare routine is about more than just choosing the right products; the order in which you apply the products is also very important. Remember the following rule of thumb: start your skincare routine with the thinnest texture and finish with the thickest. Use this information to master the right basic skincare routine.

step-by-step plan for healthy skin


Step 1:

Remove make-up and other built-up dirt from the skin with PreCleanse or PreCleanse Balm.  

How? Apply 1 to 2 pumps on dry skin. 

Step 2: 

Cleanse impurities and prepare the skin for further skin care with your favorite Dermalogica cleanser such as Special Cleansing Gel or Intensive Moisture Cleanser . 

How? Dispense the amount the size of a blue best, mix with water and apply with your hands. 

Step 3:

Remove dull dead skin cells and smooth the skin with a powder exfoliant such as Daily Microfoliant . 

How? Mix the amount the size of a grape with water and massage it in. Learn more about skin care routine 

Step 4:

Restore the moisture balance and improve the absorption capacity of the skin with a toner such as Multi-Active Toner .

How? Spray 3 to 4 pumps evenly over the face and keep eyes closed.

Step 5: 

Protect the skin against external influences and prevent premature skin aging with a moisturizer that contains SPF such as  Prisma Protect SPF30 . Do you use a moisturizer without SPF during the day, such as Skin Smoothing Cream? Make sure you finish with a product that contains SPF or can be mixed with your moisturizer such as Solar Defense Booster SPF50. 

How? Apply the almond-sized amount in circular motions. 

Start with steps 1 to 4 as described above.

Continue with Step 5 :

Add a targeted product to your skincare routine such as eye care  and a serum or booster . Finish with a moisturizer (and SPF during the day) as described in the basic step-by-step plan. …

Use a targeted product or mask. You healthy, your skin healthy

Healthy Skin

Here are some tips to maintain healthy skin throughout the day.

drink enough water

Your body needs enough moisture and so does your skin.

protect yourself

The average sun protection no longer works after 2 hours.

So lubricate your skin several times during the day.

Watch your Diet

What you eat affects your skin – so eat healthy and varied

do you know what your skin needs?

Find out what your skin needs together with Dermalogica’s Face Mapping® skin analysis so that you can choose the right skincare products for your skin. Undergo the Face Mapping skin analysis digitally with the Face Mapping app. Click here for the app. Or visit one of our Dermalogica skin experts for a free Face Mapping® skin analysis. Our skin experts are trained to analyze your skin zone by zone and based on that, provide personalized treatment and product advice. Find a Dermalogica skin expert near you through our store locator here .

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