Tourism in Pakistan (Travelogue to Soon Valley)

Tourism in Pakistan

Journey to Soon-Sakesar Valley | Travelogue (Video)

The mighty Mountains of the Karakorams in the Northern side to the great delta of the River Indus in the Southern region, Pakistan is a land of high nature and adventure.

The Haters have never stooped their propoganda against Pakistan. They have always been on the front line trying to spoil the image of Pakistan on international level.

They have failed despite using their lame tactics that are aimed, To show and portray Pakistan as a terrorist country. But the reality is entirely opposite. Pakistan is a great and safe country for tourism.

In the recent years the Government of Pakistan has taken initiatives to promote the beauty of Pakistan and expand Tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan has been ranked as the world’s top travel destination, by the British Backpacker Society, in 2018.

Today’s article is about an awesome tourist place in Pakistan, that most of you have never heard about. So, to showcase the beauty of Pakistan and introduce my readers to this Beautiful Piece of land. I travelled all the way to District Sargodha’s Tehsil Khushab.

Khushab is a small city and a tehsil of district Sargodha, that is situated between the cities of Sargodha and Mianwali, near the river Jhelum.

This Place consists of agricultural plains, hills, and lakes.

Fun Fact: Khushab was named. by the Mughal Rulers. Due to its High Quality and good taste water; The Word Khus means Good or Pure and Ab stands for water.

There are three lakes, Uchali, Khabbaki and Jahlar in the district. The largest forest in the khushab district is the Kanhatti. The main point of tourist attraction in Khushab is the Khabeki Village that is located in the Soon Valley.

This Valley is the true definition of beauty. Before my visit I had no idea that such a beauty could be hidden between the barren and dry Hills of kattah.

Keep in mind that Khushab, Mianwali and other surrounding areas are desserts, having a high temperature. But as you keep going up on the Kattah Hills, the cold breezes start flowing. And the temperature starts to drop significantly,

Crossing the Soon Valley, the next destination is Sakesr, that is also a part of tehsil Khushab. The above-mentioned lakes and the kanhatti garden are the main attractions there. Along the route there are several other small places that are worth seeing.

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These are the areas that very low people know about so they are very less commercialized. These areas have the potential of enhancing the Tourism in Pakistan. Houses are built at a large distance from each other, very less shops, and most importantly there is no pollution.  

On the way back from the Kanhatti Garden toward the Khushab-Talagang Road there is the tomb of a saint named Pir Sultan Mehdi.

Near this tomb a Hiking track leads to Kharumi Lake. This Adventures track full of natural beauty takes around an hour to reach the Spot. The Valley of Soon-Sakesar is a worth seeing place with a lot of natural beauty.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit all of the places due to shortage of time. We could only visit the Khabeki Lake and Kanhatti Garden, along with the lush green lands in the way to these spots; they sureky make a good background for attractive photography.

Here is a Small Video Showing the Main events and spots in our Journey, we hope you will enjoy the video and be sure to visit Soon-Sakesar valley when you plan your vaccations.

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