What is a business plan?

You have an idea or concept and may have discovered a gap in the market. Enthusiastic as you are, you prefer to get started right away; developing ideas, setting out sales channels, designing a website and so on.

Still, it is wiser to start with the basics. When writing a business plan. So that you know exactly what the chances of success of your company are and what you still need to work on.

In this article you will find a business plan example and smart tips for your personal customized business plan.

Create a business plan: start with a summary

It may sound a bit strange to start with a summary, but summarizing your business plans is very helpful for both yourself and a potential lender. This shows that you can separate main issues from side issues and that you have a clear view of your objectives. Moreover, in most cases the summary is the part that is best read. In the summary you give a short, clear description of your idea and your company. You also state the most important figures from your financial plan here . Of course, you can also write the summary last, as long as you present it first in your business plan . This of course applies to all companies, for example onebusiness plan of an event agency or a business plan for the catering industry, as shown in the example below.

business plan example summary

An example business plan: “The entrepreneur” is indispensable in this

After the summary, introduce yourself and any business partners in the chapter ‘The entrepreneur’ . Here you state all personal data as you do partly in a CV, for example. Think of personal details, training, courses and work experience. Describe how you will use your entrepreneurial skills and talents to make the company a success. Don’t forget to take a critical look at your points for development. You may lack some knowledge and skills, but you are planning to take a course or hire outside help. Pay attention to this in your business plan. A tip regarding the business plan example: always have an external person who knows you well assess this part of your business plan. Often this person can come up with other insights that may be relevant. Learn more business plan

The company: what makes your company unique?

In addition to information about you as an entrepreneur, you also include information about ‘The company’ . This chapter is often more extensive than the previous one. In it, you describe which 

Writing a business plan example chapter 3: The market

In this part of the example business plan , the focus is on conducting market research. Trends and developments in the market play a major role in this. Look at the local market, but also at the bigger picture. In addition, you research potential target groups and competitors, so that you can determine your sales strategy. Again, it is important to call in help from outside if necessary. A fresh look can provide other insights that you may not have thought of yourself.

business plan example market research

The marketing plan as part of the business plan example

After you have mapped the market, you can get started with your marketing plan . The marketing mix is an important aid in this. This translates your plans into a practical approach. You’ve probably heard of it, the 5 Ps: product, price, location, promotion and staff. These aspects give your company its own identity and are therefore indispensable in the business plan making example . So think carefully about this and, if necessary, obtain information from a person or external party that specializes in this.

sample business plan marketing mix

The sample business plan is incomplete without SWOT analysis

Just like the marketing mix, the SWOT analysis probably looks familiar to you. With a SWOT analysis for your business plan , you determine the strengths , weaknesses , opportunities and threatsof your company. It is crucial that you take your time for this part. After all, as an entrepreneur you are a lot stronger if you know your own position in the market well, know what to work on and know how to stay one step ahead of your competitors. However, performing a SWOT analysis properly does require some time and effort. At Credo we often see customers who, due to their enthusiasm, do not realistically estimate the risks of doing business. A shame, because if you are well prepared, you can anticipate this and limit these risks as much as possible.

Don’t forget the financial plan in the business plan

Of course, a financial plan should not be missing from our sample business plan . Here you include all financial matters that relate to your organization. Think of the investment, financing, operating budget and liquidity budget. Not all entrepreneurs are comfortable with this. But it is of course important to include this properly in your business plan . It is the numerical representation on the basis of which you can start shaping your plans and ideas. In addition, it is indispensable when applying for funding. With a good financing plan you convince the bank or other investors to put money into your company. In short, with a solid financial plan you can be sure that you have a financially healthy organization with a promising future!

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